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      Professional Management
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        Savvy Seafood Inc. is a multinational enterprise, founded in 2001 and has focused on global shrimp operation more than 2 decades. Savvy is experienced at worldwide outsourcing, processing, and food safety controlled, and helps our customers synergy global seafood supply chain. Savvy devotes to the standardization of seafood, the normalization of food safety, and the convenience of seafood gourmet, to offer our customers the high cost-effective products.
        Guangdong Savvy Seafood, established in 2018, is located in Zhanjiang, the major shrimp farming and distribution center in South China, mainly catering for China domestic market, such as chain restaurants, foods manufacturers, super markets, and E-commerce channels.

      Sourcing Advantage
        Based on years of experience, Savvy keeps sourcing worldwide, following by production line investment or partner with local manufacturers and shrimp farmers.

      Production Advantage 
        Experienced at shrimp production management, Savvy utilizes advanced processing machines and strictly controls every production procedures, fully complying with the standards of USA and Europe. The production batch and validity is well organized by using high push-back racks in the cold storage.

      Food Safety Advantage
        Our factories are HACCP, GMP, BRC certificated and our owned laboratory is well allocated inspection equipments, such as LC/MS-MS, CHARMII to verify the food safety system is sounded operated.

      Business Philosophy

         Trustworthiness / Integrity / Mutual Prosperity

      Business Vision

         Savvy Seafood is devoted to be a globalized seafood integrator, offering high cost performance shrimp all over the world.

      Guangdong Savvy Seafood Inc.
      No.2, National Road 207, Lingbei Industrial Park, Suixi County, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, 524300, P.R. China
      TEL: +86-759-7601888
      E-mail: sales@savvyseafood.com